Seamless Curbside & In-Store Pickup

  • Automatically identify high-priority and at-risk orders with Manhattan’s store order fulfillment software.
  • Optimized picking strategies based on store operations, processes and store layouts using flexible order, batch, team-based picking and pick-to slot options.
  • Push notifications for new pickup or shipment orders and customer pickup ETA or arrival.
  • Return expired or abandoned pickup orders back to the shelf quickly and efficiently.
  • Communicate in-app directly with customers during pickup, to extend expiring pickup dates or switch to direct shipment.

Easy Picking, Ship from Store & Same Day Delivery

  • Automatically identify top priority and at-risk orders.
  • Optimized picking based on your store operations, processes and layouts by order, batch, team-based picking, and pick to slot.
  • RFID-enabled pick path optimization for warehouse-quality pick path activation for more efficiency and less travel.
  • Ship and track parcel packages with native integration to leading parcel carriers.
  • Print and reprint functionality using native print services.
  • Guided flows to accommodate late order cancellations.

Pulpity menadżerskie dotyczące kondycji i wydajności systemu

  • Postępy w realizacji zamówień w sklepie i stan zaległości w czasie rzeczywistym.
  • Podświetlone zamówienia zagrożone, współczynnik odrzuceń i dodatkowe zakupy przy odbiorze.
  • Monitorowanie wydajności w czasie rzeczywistym – jednostki pobrane i/lub zapakowane na godzinę
  • Sumy wydajności kompletacji i pakowania na poziomie sklepu
  • Katalog produktów i omnicart

Robust Inventory Management

  • Native overhead RFID support for the highest levels of inventory accuracy.
  • Improve accuracy with support for inventory cycle counts.
  • Manage perpetual inventory through real-time adjustments & configurable disposition codes.
  • Native unification with order management ensures store inventory updates are immediately reflected in selling channel promising and sourcing.

Simple Receiving & Transfers

  • Plan for receiving with receipt visibility.
  • Receive in-store by item, package, case or load with support for audits, blind receipts and wrong store receiving.
  • Pullback and transfer order capabilities for end-of-season inventory returns and rebalancing.
  • Initiate ad-hoc store transfers of inventory between stores or return to vendor.